Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recesky TLR - troubleshooting

On 8th March, I met up with my friend, Aloy, to fix the TLR that he bought from us, we spent around 1 hour fixing it and thank god it was fixable.

For all the Recesky TLR buyers out there, this is a warning to you! when you are assembling the shutter leaf, please please be reminded to not screw too hard, you don't have to screw it all the way. Aloy did and he broke the pivot for the shutter leaf.. even after i remove the screw, the shutter leaf doesn't spring back to cover the hole after I pulled to the side.. it is suppose to be very flexible (shutter speed of 1/125 i guess?) but instead it looked just like an infinite bulb mode.

I removed the shutter leaf and I saw a deep crack on the pivot and it split opened, therefore it became thicker. This eventually tighten the gap between the pivot and the shutter leaf and rendering the shutter leaf not flexible anymore even with the help of the spring.

What I did was no magic, I used brute force to push the pivot against itself hoping to close up the gap of the crack and surprisingly it worked!!!  I managed to put the shutter leaf back in place again and it works perfectly fine! However, I cant place the screw back into place because of the crack, the screw just doesn't fit in anymore. But oh wells, it still works and the shutter leaf doesn't fall out even when i shake it, which I think the crack somehow helped to stabalize the shutter leaf in place.

Phew, please be very cautious while fixing the shutter leaf, if you have any question, please email us yea? I might not be able to answer you on tweeter because I am a tweeter noob (quote from Gladys)

Here is a photo of the shutter leaf after I fixed it. The red arrow points at the fault and the crack is visible, just right below the arrow tip. That's one good crack eh? it held the shutter leaf in place without a screw.

That's all for now, stay tune everyone!


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  1. I damaged the spring b when trying to build the camera last night. I accidentally stretched the spring and now the shutter only half opens and closes.

    Not sure how to find a replacement spring.