History of The Film Age
We were sitting at a bus stop, waiting for bus and talking about how excited we were about the success of the pilot run of our mini venture. We were discussing that we needed a name for this small venture...

R: We need to think about what kinda service we are providing, and only based on these services and direction can we come up with a professional name for our venture.
G: Ok...
R: *yada yada yada* (for about 10 minutes...)
G: (not really listening...) I think we can look at the characteristics and features of lomography or film photography to come up with the name. I am thinking along the word "film"...
R: Me too! Film something... Film...era?
G: ... I don't really like the word "era". It sounds weird.
R: Ok. Don't want "era"... Film...age.
G: *eyes blink blink* Yes!!! Film age!
R: *Hi-5*
G&R: The Film Age! =))

Gladys wants to spread the love for Lomography and Rommel wants to support the spread of love for Lomography. So the two of us came together and set up The Film Age! Do support us!