Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hikess in film prices!!!!


Due to the slow response from the Obama Administration, and while Standard & Poor's downgraded U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA, investors are losing trust in U.S. government's ability to pay their bills and the global stock markets have been rocking hard for the past week. At the same time, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium have introduced a ban on short selling for 15 days on bank shares in response to sharp share price falls this week.

This controversial practice is causing confusion to the investors while the U.S. and U.K. refused to follow suit. TFA suspects that due to the uncertainty in the global market today, Kodak and FujiFilm has announced that they will enforce a price hike of 15% on all of their films!!!!!!

Nah just joking, it wasn't because of the market =) but it is true that films are now at least 15% more expensive. This bad news has hit all of us hard, we know that and we really do.. Silver price is soaring up into the sky and hence the production cost of films increased, all of us will have to bear the rising cost.

TFA will try our best to dampen the impact on our wonderful supporters, and at the same time, we will sell off all our films at the current price while stock last!! =) We promise no price hike at least until the new batch comes in because we love all of you!!

So if you plan to stockpile your films, better act fast!!! TFA is always here to help! email us for further enquiry at  =))

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