Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recesky COLOURED and Polaroid!

Hello everyone!

We are conducting a mass order for the Coloured Recesky here ((:

And guess what, its only 33 dollars!!! so place your order now!!!! :D

Email us at and tell us your preferred color ((: we will conduct everybody once the camera arrive! (:

Stay tune for more mass orders yea, we will conduct one for Instax Polaroid soon!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Let's get in for some ACTION!!!

ActionSampler is a very interesting camera by Lomography. It has four lenses instead of one, so it feels like there are four eyes are staring at you.
Q: So how does it work?
A: The total exposure takes 1 second, with each lens being open for 0.25seconds.

Q: What is the result?
A: Four photos in one frame! (:

Q: So can I take during the night time?
A: Daytime is best recommended. However, the ActionSampler Flash model has flash, so sure! You can take your photos at night with this model.

Q: What film ISO is recommended?
A: ISO 400 is recommended for bright daylight. ISO 800 to 1600 will be good for shade or evening shots.

Q: My photos are blurred...
A: It is normal!!! In fact, ActionSampler is intended for this purpose!

Q: What are the available colours?
A: Clear, White and Chrome.

TIP: ActionSampler is not for portrait shots. As the name suggests, it is for ACTION. So get ready for some action and use it! ((:

Want some action? Let us know!!! ((:

Sunday, July 3, 2011


As mentioned in the Necono Cat Shaped digital camera post, Superheadz is very well known for many unique designs cameras and photography related products. Today, we will introduce you to a new released product - CLAP!
I first saw it in Japan. I went to Necono Shop by Lisa Larson, and saw these colourful cute small thumbdrive-lookalike camera! The shop assisstant said that it is a new released product. There were 6 colours on the shelf - black, white, pink, red, orange, blue.

(There is no green!) It looks like a thumbdrive, not like a camera at all. Indeed it has a built-in USB terminal, which is exactly like a thumbdrive.

I am curious about the name CLAP though. On its website, it says "CLAP YOUR HANDS. Take a photo like you applause for being touched from the beauty of sceneries."

Let's take a look at its specifications:
  • Image format:: JPEG
  • Video format: AVI
  • Image Resolution: 1280x1024
    Video Resolution: 720x480 
  • Effective Camera Resolution: 2,000,000 (2million) pixels
  • Lens: F2.8=3.2mm
  • ISO:100
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery
  • Memory: MicroSD card (sold separately, supported up to 16GB)
  • Size: 35x70x15mm 24g
  • Interface: USB 2.0/1.1
(Please note that there is no view finder. So you have to estimate and snap based on your own fweeellling.)
I was choosing one for my friend (guess who!) and I influenced my friend to buy one for her daughter. haha! Here's my model!
 When we reached home, we were just trying to be funny and see if it will stick to the fridge like a magnet. AND YES IT DOES! It is like a magnet. haha. But be careful, do not place it near credit cards or anything just in case it will spoil the camera.

What a convenient, simple and cute camera right! ((:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

La Sardina & Flash

Ok Lomography has a new camera that just hit the shelves in Singapore about 1-2 weeks ago! It sounds latin to me, La Sardina but its not Sardine! It's a camera haha!

And in TFA's point of view, this camera is absolutely attractive! It has a different kind of design as compared to SuperHeadz cameras, and do not underestimate this camera, it is a power pack.

It is a ultra wide angle camera, with multiple exposure and loaded with the most powerful flash Lomography has ever made! The huge flash over there is way way way more powerful than the Diana flash, it has three distance settings, which allow you to have maximum control over your flash photography.

This is an ideal camera for people who just can't take a photo without proper flash, I'll consider this one of the best upgrade from Lomography so far ((:

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Friday, July 1, 2011

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Holga 120 WPC

Yes its another Holga day today =)) today we are introducing you a rare camera in Singapore, it is not common to see it at all despite it's wonderful features!

The Holga 120WPC, again is a pinhole camera, but this time has a wide lense. The negative this camera produces is an astounding 6×12 (opposed to the normal 6×6 of a holga 120N)! This camera has a cable-release thread for attaching a shutter release cable (sometimes included, other times not). The cable release screw also acts as a shutter release button when pressed, allowing you to take shorter exposures.  Also contains a useful exposure guide on the back, and a few small nobbles on top of the camera to line your shot up, plus a spirit level to make sure it’s level.

if you are looking to take a night shot of marina bay sands, this is definitely an ideal camera, it's potential is way greater than any DSLR out there because it uses 120 film!!

Though this camera is rare, it is also pricey, if you are looking for a cheaper alternatives for scenery photos, please take a look at our Recesky Pinhole, it does EXACTLY the same thing and MORE!!!!!!!!