Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holga TLR

Introducing to you, another member of the BIG Holga Family - Holga TLR!

What does TLR stand for?
TLR stands for Twins Lens Reflex. Simple.

Yes yes, it is similar to the DIY Recesky TLR, Blackbird Fly TLR and Gakkenflex TLR. The kinda look-down-and-shoot-camera. Cool, huh? It's maybe good for people who are lazy to squat or bend over to take photos.

Holga produces 3 types of TLR - Holga 120TLR, Holga 120GTLR, Holga 135TLR and Holga 135BC TLR. As most of you should know, "G" stands for glass lens. So the difference between 120TLR and 120GTLR is that, the former has plastic lens, while the latter has glass lens. Besides giving you the classic features of Holga - light leaks and vignettes, the top viewfinder allows you to take more hip shots! With built in colour flash system, you can have a burst of colours in your shots!

Holga 120TLRHolga 120GTLRHolga 135TLRHolga 135BC TLR
LensPlastic 47mm, f/8Glass optical 60mmPlastic 47mm, f/8Plastic 47mm, f/8
FocusManual zone focus with four distance settingsManual zone focus with four distance settingsManual zone focus with four distance settingsManual zone focus with four distance settings
Aperturef/8, f/11f/8, f/11f/8, f/11f/8, f/11
Shutter1/125, "B"1/100, "B"1/125, "B"1/125, "B"
FlashIn-built multi-colour flashIn-built multi-colour flashStandard hotshoeStandard hotshoe
Battery2 AA2 AA
Multiple exposuresYesYesYesYes
Avail ColoursBlackBlack, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Red/White, White, YellowBlackBlack, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Red/White, White, Yellow

Want to be a hipster? Buy a Holga TLR, and start shooting from your hips!

Holga Micro 110

Look at it! It is such a baby!

Micro 110, aka Baby 110 takes 110 film.

Baby 110 is so tiny and super portable. So you can take it anywhere anytime! No one will even notice when you take a secret shot at them. It is simple and easy to use. Quoted from my friend: "Don't belittle small small Holga 110!"

Sample photos taken by Holga 110:

  • Film: 110 film catridge, 12 or 24 shots
  • Focus: 1m to infinity
  • Lens: 25mm, f/8 optical lens
  • Shutter: 1/125 sec
  • Dimension: 82 x 32 x 34mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Avail colours: White, Blur, Purple, Light Grey, Pink, Green, Yellow, Red

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blackbird, Fly

I have no idea why is this called a Blackbird, Fly. It is none other than another TLR, i.e. twin lens reflex camera. But, I must admit, I was attracted to its name.
Taken off from Blackbirdflycamera.com, BBF is unique for 6 reasons:

1) It’s a successor to a classic! It seems the Blackbird, Fly is considered the Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) version of the classic Holga, which is in turn a successor to the Diana, both of which have a real cult following. Some ca

Friday, May 27, 2011


Presenting to you... (another TLR)... GAKKENFLEX!

Gakkenflex is a DIY twin lens reflex camera, which comes in a package with a Japanese magazine, issue #25 Otona no Kagaku. In front of the camera, the name "Gakkenflex" is imprinted there. The instructions manual is in Japanese, but not to worry, the drawings are pretty much idiot proof. There are also useful links online which you can refer to when in doubt. My brother who cannot read Japanese, built the camera in about 3 hours. So I believe it is relatively easy.

When using the camera, please do not, I repeat, DO NOT be like my brother, who snap a shot, and continue to snap another one, without turning the film advance knob at the side. He happily snapped about 40 plus shots shots, and then realised he didn't advance the film because he didn't know how. There is no film counter. You see the knobs at the side? One is for rewinding of film, the other is for film advancement. Turn half a round whenever you finish one photo.

Gakkenflex does not produce sproket holes, neither does it have a hotshoe for flash. It doesnt have any bulb mode either. That's the disadvantage of Gakkenflex. BUT, it is still very cool to be holding this TLR camera, don't you think so? It has a TRUE viewfinder, that is, what you see is what you are snapping! Unlike other toy cameras, where the viewfinder is different from what you are snapping.

Itchy for a TLR? Get it now! =))

  • Film: 35mm
  • Aperture: f/11
  • Shutter: 1/125 sec
  • Dimensions: 80 x 115 x 70mm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Flash: No hotshoe. No in-built flash unit.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The Film Age had a wonderful day with Baskin Robbins ice cream and IMAX! both were the first try for us (in Singapore) and it was satisfaction guaranteed!

The films have all been developed and will be uploaded tomorrow!!!!! Stay tune everyone!!!

PS: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was fantastic with IMAX, omg it makes 3D movies look so insignificantly low grade~ IMAX is a must-try for everybody =))

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lomo-foto outing #1

It has been so long since we started this blog and we thought it was time for a photog outing and ta-da!!!

So many cameras OMG

We can set up a store selling cameras just with these cameras that we brough today ((: Thank you TWL, Rosanne, Kar Yin and Hui Shan for joining us in our first mini lomo-foto outing!

Nevertheless, the sun was great and the weather was perfect for photo taking, we all sweat a little more than usual but it's definitely worth it. Right everyone? ((: The films will be developed tomorrow so stay tune for more photos from The Film Age!

The first ever lomo-foto outing was at Orchard, where would you want the next one to be? Throw in your suggestion to the.film.age@gmail.com and we will organize a second outing in near future (:

Like our facebook page and support us! Feel free to send us your feedback and enquiries and we promise to try our very best to satisfy everybody (: