Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review (2): Recesky!

Another of our loyal customer and a good friend of ours, Aloysius, wrote an article on Recesky on his blog. He gave us the permission to use this article on our blog! Thanks Aloy!!!

YES, i own this one! :)

Took from outside, it's opposite Pomo Shopping Centre.
Shot by Rommel

Special.. Great effect.. C(O_O)L!!!!

Pretty good.. using by twist plate inserted into Photographic lens frame
I consider of using twist plate on the outside, should be

woah!!! it's very difficult to use horizontal.. LAZY to use mobile viewfinder..


Look at TWL.. trying to be comfortable with Roseanne...

HOLGA 135C, here i come...

BUT the film for holga already developed but G.O.N.E!!!!!
Nooooooooooo!!!!!!! :(

nevermind about it.


STAY TUNED to.... HOLGA films to be developed!!

The Film Age: We like the 5th photo best! It gives a dreamy feeling, and the girls are so pretty! A good shot, Aloy! =)) Continue to shoot more yea!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Teeny-weeny Mini-mo! Diana Mini

Blooger deprived me from posting photos fore two days... so i couldnt post any entries. Oh well, the problem is solved now. So let us resume our blogging for toy cameras!!! =))
For this article on Diana Mini, The Film Age invited Ms Tan Wei Ling (a.k.a Da Jie) to write for us. Here you go, a wonderful and interesting piece of article on Diana Mini.

Diana mini:

This diana camera is actually a gift (from them above). SHE is pretty. I’m not referring to tat 2 ladies above, of course. I’m referring to my diana. haa… She is small and easy to carry around. Deeply in love with her.
My first roll of film was a disaster. I kept forgetting to set cloudy/sunny OR N/B at a different day. As well as the distance…
There are 2 film formats which are square frame and half frame.
Here are the few of nice nice sample images that I have taken:
Used kodak film. ISO 400.

These are all the square frame pictures.
I wanted to try taking by half-frame. But i could not push it to half-frame. Hard to push which i dare not to. I scared it might spoilt..

Then till the day i met Rose….

She said why not try to take first then push it to half frame (instead of turning the wheel yet). BINGO!
TA-DA! (^_^)
Diana Take 2 (meaning 2nd roll of film): Half-format (below)
Used solaris film. ISO 200.

Really have no idea why like tat leh… Do you? Help. =(
Saw the diana site…
cool seh… esp the fisheye len… I want them. Wait till i feel rich. Have to wait long long…..
Saw the cheaper flash which cost $95 instead of $106. Abt the fisheye len, dun know leh..

The Film Age: Sounds like Da Jie reallu had fun with Diana Mini, and the lesson learnt here is: Take a shot, change to square/rectangle frame before turning the film advance knob. Continue to take more photo with Diana Mini, I'm sure your photos will get better and better! =))

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diana and its clones

Diana was born even earlier than Holga, in the 1960s. It first appeared in Hong Kong (same as Holga), and was manufactured by Great Wall Plastic Factory. Similar to Holga in many ways, Diana:
1. is a plastic camera box.
2. has plastic lens.
3. uses 120mm film.
4. creates light leaks. (In fact, it is leakier than Holga.)
5. creates vignetting effects.

Diana shoots 16 4cm x 4cm shots per roll of 120mm film. It has 3 apertures, for cloudy, partly cloudy and sunny. They are f/11, f/13 and f/19 respectively. Shuter speed ranges from 1/200th to 1/30th of a second.
Great Wall Plastic Factory produced alot of clones of Diana. They all look alike to Diana but have different names such as, Anny and Acme.

The revival of Diana was with the creation of Diana+ in 2007 by Lomography. It has now pinhole and panorama features added to the original charms of Diana.
Subsequenty, Diana F+ (with flash unit), Diana Mini (half frame) are all born.

Diana Complete Set

Stay tune for Diana Mini article next up by Da Jie!!! =))

p.s. im currently using a Diana Mini (not mine). I hope to post some nice pictures soon!!! =))

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Review: Recesky!

The Film Age invited Weiling aka Da Jie, our loyal advertiser to write us a review on DIY Recesky. Read on to find out more. (p.s. Weiling is a very interesting blogger. You will definitely enjoy reading her article!)

Recesky! The lastest toy camera i recieved.
This Recesky camera is also another gift. *blush blush*
This Recesky camera design is soooooo damn cool and sooooo damn classical!
Wat a nice box yea!
What surprised me is…………
a love letter from them ( *blush blush*
Remember in the previous previous previous entry (rewind:, i said i wish to own a Recesky as i wanna shoot photo by looking down  at the camera… and u know wat? I damn slow man.. I wanna have it without knowing wat is DIY. -_- DIY stands for DO IT YOURSELF!! *aish* *whack my head*
Honestly speaking, i was doubt at first. Make and then shoot? It’s really unbelievable. Like….. how can it be? where got such thing one?
The box said “Assemble in 1 hour”. This is for the smartest people who can finish it in 1 hr time lor. As for me, i took 5 hrs in total for 2 days!!! This is called smart people… at least i finally made it mah.

Such a tiny tiny spring made me fed up, you know. Wanted to show you pic here but  i was too focusing on building it. So, no pic.

My best friend was also keen in building. So i let her build when i was “fed up”. lol.. Morever, my neck numb when facing down while building it. She was such a great help. When she and i confused, we go and irritated Rommel from the-film-age blog. U know wat? With ugly iphone, it’s more convenience. Using ‘wat’s apps’ application, can take photo and send send send to assure that we did it correctly.
Spot me.

Like wat he said, tat shutter part is very important. Else, you cry and think your film will be wasted?? if i’m not wrong. Can’t remember. *pei seh*

Right now, i’m finding a nice strap for my recesky. =)

Recesky, you are such a strange and magical thing.
Prove me wrong that you can get a good result.
I repeat: DIY leh.. How can it be? Where got such thing one?

I simply can’t wait to see.

The Film Age: We cannot wait to see your photos too! Do let us know when you have developed those photos! =))

Friday, March 18, 2011


The Film Age is looking for all people, who wants to experiment with different films with different toy cameras. Holga 135BC + efiniti. Receksy TLR + sensia. Diana + afga precisa. (the list goes on...)

We are seeking for all combinations of toy cameras and films! Please send us your photos and articles to be published on The Film Age. Share your joy and experiences with everyone! =))

Email us at now!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Holga-ga-ga 120N

When I was thinking of getting a Holga for myself, I was torn between 120N and 135BC. Right now, I am proud to be an owner of Holga120N!

Why did I decide to get a 120N instead of a 135BC? I was attracted by the modifications which I can do with 120N. And I can have sprocket holes by using 35mm film without the 35mm adaptor back. I will get to the details later. Let me first explain how to use a 120mm film and a 35mm film in a Holga120N.

Using 120mm film
Holga120 is created to use 120mm film. It is longer than a 35mm film and only has 12 exposures. There're two film size masks for Holga - 6cm x 6cm square and 6cm x 4.5cm rectangle for you to choose. Film advancement is easy if you are using 120mm film, just need to turn the film advancement knob until you see the number showing at the Holga back.

Using 35mm film
If you are using a 35mm film on a Holga 120, you will need a 35mm adapter. Also, you will have to advance the film by manually counting the number of clicks/turns. Here is a table of number of clicks provided exclusively by The Film Age.


The little space is for you to write down some notes of the shots you took. Get a pencil, and ticktick after you shoot, so that you can keep track how many clicks to turn next.

Do you realise that the number of clicks get smaller and smaller? Imagine now you load a roll of film.

On the left side, there are more films. But as you advance the roll, more film will get onto the right side. Right? Hence, the diameter of film on the right gets bigger, and it will require lesser turns to advance the rest of the film.
Don't get it? It's ok. It's just for fun! =))

If you are using 35mm film on Holga 120 WITHOUT a 35mm adapter, you will have... SPROCKET HOLES! Yea!

That's so much for Holga 120N for today! If you are interested in getting a Holga120N or 120GCFN, do visit here!
Stay tune for our next post!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Interestingly Holga135BC

Since The Film Age is selling Holga135BC, let's talk about 135BC first. (We will talk about 120N in the next post.)

What does the BC stand for? Some websites say "Black Corners", some say "Bent Corners". No matter isit "black" or "bent", it means the same thing - 135BC has some vignetting effect which a standard 135 doesn't have.

Holga135BC uses 35mm films which we see in those Kodak shops or photo stores. Also, loading film into 135BC is much easier than that into 120N. Since there are 36 exposures in a roll of 35mm film, Holga135 users can have the luxury of taking more shots than those of Holga120N which only allows 12 exposures. In summary, the advantages in using Holga135BC are:

1. You still get to have the vignetting effects which a standard Holga120N has.
2. 35mm films are everywhere, so it is convenient to buy and develop photos.
3. Loading film into the camera is easy.
4. You get to take 36 exposures. More shots, more fun!

However, there are still Holga lovers who feel that using the traditional 120N is what makes Holga special. In the next post, we will talk about Holga120N. So stay tune!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recesky TLR - troubleshooting

On 8th March, I met up with my friend, Aloy, to fix the TLR that he bought from us, we spent around 1 hour fixing it and thank god it was fixable.

For all the Recesky TLR buyers out there, this is a warning to you! when you are assembling the shutter leaf, please please be reminded to not screw too hard, you don't have to screw it all the way. Aloy did and he broke the pivot for the shutter leaf.. even after i remove the screw, the shutter leaf doesn't spring back to cover the hole after I pulled to the side.. it is suppose to be very flexible (shutter speed of 1/125 i guess?) but instead it looked just like an infinite bulb mode.

I removed the shutter leaf and I saw a deep crack on the pivot and it split opened, therefore it became thicker. This eventually tighten the gap between the pivot and the shutter leaf and rendering the shutter leaf not flexible anymore even with the help of the spring.

What I did was no magic, I used brute force to push the pivot against itself hoping to close up the gap of the crack and surprisingly it worked!!!  I managed to put the shutter leaf back in place again and it works perfectly fine! However, I cant place the screw back into place because of the crack, the screw just doesn't fit in anymore. But oh wells, it still works and the shutter leaf doesn't fall out even when i shake it, which I think the crack somehow helped to stabalize the shutter leaf in place.

Phew, please be very cautious while fixing the shutter leaf, if you have any question, please email us yea? I might not be able to answer you on tweeter because I am a tweeter noob (quote from Gladys)

Here is a photo of the shutter leaf after I fixed it. The red arrow points at the fault and the crack is visible, just right below the arrow tip. That's one good crack eh? it held the shutter leaf in place without a screw.

That's all for now, stay tune everyone!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Going gaga over Holga

When I first researched on toy cameras, Holga caught my attention. It seems to be just a black plastic big box, doesn't seem like it can be used to take photos. The more I reasearched, the more fasinated I got. There're so many different kinds of Holga! There're so much I can do with Holga! So, don't judge the book by its cover. Holga may seem like just a black plastic box, unattractive and dull. But hey! No no. Let us tell you how interesting Holga can be!
Holga is the common medium format 120mm film camera, first appeared in Hong Kong in 1982. A very interesting fact about Holga, I feel, is its name; it was originated from the Cantonese term "hol-gon", which means "very bright". Holga has two formats - 6cm x 6cm (square) or 6cm x 4.5cm (rectangles). There are two modes on Holga which you can choose - "N" normal mode or the "B" bulb mode. Use the "N" mode for usual shootings. "B" mode is used when you want to create long exposure. For example,

is acheived using "B" mode. Remember, place your Holga on tripod or on a table to prevent blurry images. If you can to acheive otherwise, just shake your Holga crazily on "B" mode! =))

Holga is much loved for its very distinctive vignetted images, which means that the four corners of the photograph is black. Any standard Holga 120 will have this vignetted effects. However, a standard Holga 135 will not have such characteristic. Hence, Holga 135BC is created with a built-in transparent mask which creates this much loved effect of Holga.
Ever since the first Holga, there are many versions of Holga till date. Here are some model numbers which you have to know:

120S - the original Holga since discontinued.
WOCA - 120S with Japanese-supplied glass lens since discontinued.
120N -  updated version with additional 6cm x 6cm film mask.
120SF - a standard 120S with in-built flash.
120FN - a standard 120N with in-built flash.
120CFN - a standard 120N with in-built colour flash.
120GN - a standard 120N with glass lens.
120GFN - a 120NFN with glass lens and in-built flash.
120GCFN - a 120FN with colour flash and glass lens.
120TLR - a 120CFN with a twin-lens reflex viewfinder.
120GTLR - a 120TLR with glass lens.
120PC - a pinhole version of 120N.
120WPC - a wide pinhole version of 120N.
135 - a standard Holga with 35mm film.
135BC - a Holga135 with "black corners" vignetting effects
135PC - a pinhole version of 135BC.
135TLR - a Holga 35mm twin-lens reflex.
Micro 110 - standard 26mm 110 Holga.

All Holgas, regardless of its model number, have the same basics. Its shutter speed is 1/100 of a second; aperture is betweem f/11 and f/13. The focus setting ranges from four feet to infinity.

The Film Age is selling Holga 135BC which uses 35mm film. For more information on 135BC, click here. Also, stay tune for more interesting things which you can do with your Holga! =))

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The DIY Recesky TLR

My first DIY camera!

I was as excited as all of you when I saw the box! omg that's probably one of the most amazing moment of my photography experience, the feeling was 85% excitement, 10% surprised and 5% doubt. you will know what I mean when you see it for yourself, I just can't believe you can actually assemble the shutter leaf yourself, the mechanism just doesn't seem that easy to me..

ok these are the camera parts.. comes together with an English manual.
My sister spent 10 minutes admiring the box and finally exclaimed: "you sure you can take photo with this thing?"we'll see and I will keep everyone posted yea? :D
This is the manual.. indeed a picture speaks a thousand words. I honestly didn't pay much attention to the wording at all haha!

This is (my leg) and the first piece i assembled..

As all the parts were slowly fitting into its own rightful place...

I started to feel like a pro when it looked more and more mechanical.

This is the shutter leaf... the toughest part of all I must say... because firstly my fingers aren't small enough to fix it, and I had a hard time understanding the diagram and the English!

And ta-da!!!! its finally taking some nice shape~ AND ITS DONE!!

Here goes my first ever made in China, assembled in Bishan Twin Lens Reflex camera!!! (:

If you find yourself blushing and heart thumping while reading this article, it simply means you must own a piece of DIY camera too, so much that you are reacting to it physically already! So please check out our Toy Cameras section, we currently have 2 kinds of DIY camera instock (:
Stay tune for future post for the photos taken by this camera yea? Enjoy!