Saturday, January 21, 2012

Aloysius' review on BBF (:

Aloysius wrote a blog post on how proud he is to be a BBF owner!!! Congrats Aloy! He also show us some photos taken using BBF. Well done, these photos are so well taken! (: Thank you Aloy, for allowing us to use his blog post here on TFA! 

i've long wanted to own Blackbird Fly, now FINALLY i'm its owner!!! HAHAHA!

Well taken by me. :)

hmm, well taken by me! :)
Rate: 3 out of 5 because the legs from other people got in the way!

Nice multiply exposure!!
Rate: 5 of 5!!!!!
Because the two pretty ladies showing their smiles! :)

Well taken..
Rate: 4 Stars.

hmm, Holga Flash can be used with Blackbird Fly.
WOAH!!! AMAZING, Steven's face turned RED like this, NOT background!!! HOW C(O_O)L!!
Rate: 4 Stars

Used Holga Flash..
It can focus on people's face with blurred background.
Rate: 5 Stars

That's all!! I have other photos which is uploaded to Facebook already.
Some of them have blurred ones as i still learning.. :)

I'm proud to be owner of Blackbird Fly! :)

Sign out,

La Sardina photos

Here's a few nice photos taken using La Sardina! (:
Multiple exposures
Powerful flash. So powerful that i have to close my eyes.

For more photos taken using La Sardina, visit our Facebook page at . (:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

HOHOHO! Merry merry christmas everybody!!!

TFA has been dead for a long while... APOLOGIES!!!

Do stay tune for more update, we promise!!!

Enjoy this Christmas!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CLAP for CLAP and Clap for TWL (:

 CLAP is actually a name of a toy digital camera, which is pretty interesting!
ORANGE!! MY FAV COLOUR! *loves loves, kisses kisses, hugs hugs*
People say me liar, playful, naughty, evil, bitch, siao or whatever.. Hence, they do not believe me tat it’s actually can be taken. *roll eyes* Trust me. Prove you. *nose in the air*

See…… Beautiful, isn’t it?! *flick hair*
fyi, no photoshop.

My beloved bag and a starbuck tumbler.
This CLAP is a gift from my dearest da ben dan. Gladys Wong. *blush blush* She bot it from Japan. *blush blush*

Six thanks, da ben dan. (^_^)

No film required. It comes with a USB port which can transfer photo to your comp. As well as, able to charge its battery.
Morever morever, it can be used to save other files u wanna store. BUT but but i refused. Cause i do not want.

Save in Micro SD (max 16GB). Mine is 4GB, can liao. ISO 100.

Btw, do u know that this CLAP can actually video?! Will show you one day. But u got to believe me first.There’s no viewfinder. So…. just have to agar-agar..

This is the camera that made for daily life use. (^_^)

CLAP your hands.
Some stoopid people kenna get fooled. I said “If you clap, this CLAP will auto click photo of you.” And they seriously clap. hahaha….

Okay, i’m bad… just on tat day only. =p haa…
Bringing this CLAP around is fun.
Using this CLAP anywhere, people out there so kaypo kaypo to loook at.

There are other colours as well.

Of course, Orange is the BEST-est lah… and the NICE-est lah.. (^_^)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New lomography camera available now!!

Hi guys!!

I bet all of you are as excited as us to see the title of this blog post.. We have new cameras instock now!!! They are our beloved Fisheye 2 - White colour edition and Diana F+ Kirameki ((:

Aren't these two models pretty?? Email us at to order now or for more enquiry ((: Hurry up and grab it before it's long gone!